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The Osbourne family portrait supplied by the show was, of course, a heavily edited illusion — cut, bleeped and sanitized for public consumption. The show was never presented as objective or exhaustive, and no one thought it was.

People just liked the novelty of watching a weird, famous family bicker about dog crap and curfews and what tossers the neighbors were. The prose could be from an issue of People where the writers were told to experiment liberally with the F-word. The combination of the pulpy prose and the glancing treatment given to heavy subjects makes for pretty low-impact reading. Ironically and unfortunately, Osbourne has chosen to reveal as little as she can get away with.

Famous incidents are rehashed we hear firsthand accounts of both bat and dove stories , music biz names are dropped, and an absurd amount of jewelry is lost, stolen often by the help , or just thrown out the window.

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But these events are merely recounted, never explored. There is little contrition here, and no self-examination. We beat each other to such a point and loved each other to such a point. Half the time we would start to laugh halfway through.

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While some difficult episodes are underplayed, others are left out entirely. Then why not mention it here and avoid the appearance of whitewashing?

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More befuddling yet is the way the book treats the children as noncharacters. Besides being interesting people in their own right, each has admitted to battling depression, and Jack in particular has had well-publicized problems with drugs and alcohol; he even attempted suicide once at age Instead, what matters is starring in a Simon Cowell singing show that draws 9 million viewers per week.

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Her childhood with her father, the notorious rock manager Don Arden, was an unruly mix of glamour and violence. In her late 20s, Sharon finally made the painful decision to break with her family.

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Always irrepressible, Sharon flourished, creating a loving family of her own while becoming a legendary manager and rock band promoter. In rock star Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon found her soul mate, yet Ozzy's drug and drink-fueled excesses-which culminated in his attempt to strangle her-made their marriage a white-knuckle ride from the start.

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  6. Only her devotion to their three children gave her the will to survive. From the tremendous highs of the hit show The Osbournes to the devastating lows of Ozzy's near-fatal quad-bike accident and her own bout with colon cancer, Sharon's tenacity, honesty, and humor have triumphed again and again.

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