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Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is a great choice for a high-interest literature unit study. There is adventure, mystery, good vs. evil, crime and.
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Practise pirate words, do a quiz, listen to a song about pirates and read and listen to a story about a treasure map. There are lots of activities to print and do too - would you be the captain of a ship or a pirate? The park tells the story of pirates and treasures of the times, as well as, the New Orleans culture that has shaped the area. Website has educational information for those unable to visit the park in person. This site offers lesson plans designed to enhance studies is history and humanities.

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Always use due diligence when choosing resources, and please verify location and time with the organizer if applicable. Suggestions and advice on TheHomeSchoolMom. The two men make an agreement that Hoseason will drop the stranger off in Linnhe Loch, but no sooner is the captain gone from the Round-House—the officers' lounge where the visiting stranger is kept—when David overhears the officers plotting to murder the stranger and take his belt.

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David tells this to the stranger, and agrees to fight by his side. The stranger says his name is Alan Breck Stewart. Alan and David successfully defend the Round-House from the sailors, Alan killing several men and even David taking two himself. Alan, impressed with David's courage, gives David a silver button from his coat. On the way, however, the ship strikes the Torran Rocks and goes down. David escapes and finds himself on an island.

The island is separated from a larger main island only by a river, but he can find no way to cross the river.

After a few days, a fisherman comes in a boat and reveals to him that the river gets very low at high tide, and David crosses easily. David then stays at a house, and discovers that Alan himself passed through, having survived the wreck. Alan left instructions that David should follow him to Torosay, and from there go to Alan's homeland of Appin.

David heads this way, meeting several disreputable people along the way, including a notorious blind robber; but the young man manages to avoid any great dangers. He meets a pleasant old religious instructor, Henderland, who helps David secure a boat to take him to Appin.

As soon as David arrives in Appin, he comes across a group of four men on horseback. As David speaks with Campbell, he is suddenly shot and killed by an unknown assailant. One of the people in Campbell's party accuses David of distracting Campbell so that he could be shot, and just as soldiers are about to apprehend David he is pulled away by Alan, who has been fishing nearby.

Alan and David, now major suspects in the murder, flee to the woods. Alan swears he had nothing to do with the murder, but he must now draw attention away from the real killer.

Stolen Child

James gives them a change of clothes and some little money, but he tells them that he will have to blame them for the murder and put our warrants for their arrest once they are safely gone, so that he will not be blamed for the murder. If James is killed, it will mean great difficulties for the Stewart clan. David and Alan agree to be the scapegoats, and Alan and David are soon fleeing through the wilderness once more. They hide for a whole day on top of a large rock while English soldiers roam around below, searching for them.

They escape and go to a mountain where they rest for several days and send word to James, hoping to get a little more money so that Alan can escape to France. The messenger returns with a note from James' wife; James has been arrested for the murder.

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She also sends a little more money for David and Alan. The two continue on their flight, soon reaching the broad, flat region known as the moors. They take some time out to rest, but David oversleeps on his watch, and a troop of English soldiers nearly takes them by surprise.

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They must run through the wide, flat land on their hands and knees, hiding in small brush and behind rocks. They manage to escape and are ambushed by Highland men who, fortunately, turn out to be men of Cluny Macpherson, another disenfranchised Highland leader. Cluny takes them in his hideout in the mountain of Ben Alder, and while David sleeps for nearly three days, Alan and Cluny play cards.

Alan gambles away all their money, including David's.