Guide May I Borrow that Deck of Cards: (An Interesting Story and Inspirational Study)

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May I Borrow That Deck of Cards: (An Interesting Story and Inspirational Study) [​John Graham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.
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May I Borrow That Deck of Cards : (An Interesting Story and Inspirational Study)

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John Graham. Out of stock. Delivery not available. Pickup not available. Add to List. You know those author notes you skipped at the end of Samurai Shortstop?

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Read them. Where did you get the idea for the Horatio Wilkes mysteries? I like telling people that Horatio is as old on paper — in my notes — as he is in Something Rotten.

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I never was interested in doing research into forensics though, so Horatio went through a lot of changes over the years. I always liked his character, but never found the right story for him until I started writing young adult novels, and had the inspiration to make him seventeen. It was a perfect fit. All I needed then was a story for him.

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Are there going to be any more Horatio novels? I have ideas for lots more Horatio books — including a Julius Caesar take-off that has Horatio solving a murder at a fraternity toga party during a college visit, and a version of The Tempest in which Horatio spends a summer as an intern at a Disney World-like amusement park — but I think something crazy like Horatio getting made into a TV show would have to happen before a publisher would pay me to write those.

Where did you get the idea for The Brooklyn Nine? My terrific editor wrote to me one day and asked me what I would do with a story about baseball and different generations of a family, and I came back to her with the idea of nine innings — nine generations — of one American family and their connections to baseball throughout the decades. I was always able to find some story I wanted to tell for each generation — often more than one story — and I enjoyed reading up on American and baseball history along the way.

How much of The Brooklyn Nine is real? You know those author notes you skipped at the end of The Brooklyn Nine? Where did you get the idea for Fantasy Baseball? When my daughter was very little, she wanted to wear baseball jerseys like the ones I was wearing. My wife is great at sewing, and said she could make my daughter a baseball jersey. But what should she put on it? Wendi made a couple for Jo, and they were a hit.

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Why did you choose to write about Jack? Jack and his wife Ruth took his story to Scholastic, and they immediately saw that it would make a great book. But neither Jack nor Ruth are writers, so Scholastic asked me to write the book. In particular, I liked that he survived. So many stories of the Holocaust of course did not end so well. Did you ever get to meet Jack? I worked on the book for a while before I ever met Jack in person, using what he and his wife had told Scholastic about his experiences in World War II and doing a lot of research on the concentration camps on my own.

Then, about halfway through writing the first draft, I got to fly to New York and meet Jack. It says Prisoner B is a novel. How much of it really happened? Go read it. Beyond that, I can tell you that almost everything that happens to Jack in the book is real. But yes, all the big stuff really happened to him. All the camps are real. Some of them were in Poland, some of them were in the Czech Republic, and others were in Germany itself.

watch And yes, the kapos and Nazis were the ones he really dealt with. You can look the place and people up online to learn more about them. Where did you get the idea for The League of Seven? One night I was sitting around talking with my wife and I told her that for my next book, I wanted to write a book that was full of awesome.

It would be so full of awesome that my head would explode from its awesomeness. I wrote down stuff like airships, rayguns, secret societies, Native Americans, giant monsters, mad scientists, clockwork machine men, and brains in jars. When I was done, I had a big board full of awesome stuff, but what I did not have was a book. So then I sat back for the next couple of weeks and stared at that board, trying to find the connections between all those awesome things.

And eventually I came up with the characters, setting, and plot that became the League of Seven trilogy! Where did you get the idea for Code of Honor? The idea for Code of Honor came from trying to write a contemporary thriller with a seventeen-year-old hero. Could I write a book with lots of action and adventure and intrigue and still have a kid solve the problem? Where did you get the idea for the clues and codes?

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I used to make up stories for my little brother at bed time, and act them out with our action figures. We would go out in the back yard and have adventures pretending to be our favorite characters from movies we liked too. Kamran and Darius do the same thing, only they add in the adventures of Rostam, because those are the stories their mother told them at bed time.

Is Code of Honor based on a true story or real people? I made it all up! Are you going to write a sequel to Code of Honor? But never say never! Where did you get the idea for Projekt ? One of the chapters I ended up cutting from Prisoner B was a scene where Jack runs into a kid in the Hitler Youth. Then I learned that Ireland had been neutral in World War II, and so they had diplomats and ambassadors in Nazi Germany—diplomats and ambassadors who were really working as spies! Then I realized I could have an Irish kid as my main character, but because he was thirteen years old, he would have to be in the Hitler Youth, and would be my hero.