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Bonn, panicked at the thought of provocations that would threaten the desired movement going on within the Soviet Bloc, ordered locked the gates to all its embassies and missions.

So what did the East Germans do? Many of them, showing entrepreneurial determination, climbed over the iron fences surrounding the embassy grounds—one more wall. On August 3, a Hungarian official told a radio interviewer that the government was considering giving asylum to East Germans on a case-by-case basis. Over the Labor Day weekend, we in America saw on our television screens footage of East Germans milling about in rain-soaked refugee camps, hoping to win favorable attention.

The following week, in an interview in the West German magazine Stern , the Hungarian interior minister, Istvan Horvath, threw cold water on the whole idea. He announced that Hungary would not permit the passage of refugees until East and West Germany came to an agreement on the question. Even if negotiations went smoothly, it was expected that such an agreement could not be arrived at in less than six weeks, an interminable delay for refugees crowded up against walls and embassy gates and barbed wire, pleading for relief.

The Czechoslovakian government in turn announced that it would not permit the odd East Germans encamped at the West German embassy in Prague to proceed west.

WWI Factions: The Austro-Hungarian Army

There were fifty thousand more East German vacationers still loose in Hungary, and it was assumed that at least some of them would press on to the West unless prevented. But the incident gave the West a window into the growing strains within the Kremlin as Soviet Foreign Ministry spokesman Gennady Gerasimov expressed a very different view.

Meanwhile, the negotiations between East and West Germany were indeed proceeding, as Horvath had said. It was 11 weeks since the first East Germans had taken refuge on the embassy grounds, and by now a total of 5, had crowded in. They had been sleeping on the lawns and in a handful of tents; there were long lines for the few toilets and showers. Genscher elected to deliver his message from the embassy balcony, addressing the thousands waiting anxiously on the lawn below.

He was not able to complete the critical sentence. As soon as the refugees understood where he was heading, understood that he was telling them they would be permitted to go to the West, a sustained cheer drowned him out. It was an irony that some of these trains were provided by the East German government, and made their way through a corner of East German territory. One up in the war against traitors and criminals!

Some East Germans, enlivened by events in other satellite nations, formed a group they called the New Forum. At first, the New Forum meetings, which included candlelight prayer services, were quiet and moving affairs. Then on September 18, the Monday evening prayer service in Leipzig spilled out into a full-scale march.

The same thing happened the next Monday evening, with three times as many people. The marches spread to other cities, including East Berlin. Participants began carrying homemade banners. A popular slogan called for freedom to travel: Reisenfreiheit. The marchers were frequently attacked by bands of Stasi, dressed in casual trousers and short jackets, looking like young street fighters rather than secret-police officers.

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They would drag a few of the marchers away and wrench the banners from them, but the proliferation defied the restrictions. Stasi raus! More articles. Previous articles. Irrepressible move west. Most Popular. White House. By Andrew C. Right church, wrong pew, as we Catholic types are wont to say. That does not mean, though, that Senator Read More. By Kevin D. If we're lucky, she'll lose. By John Fund. The Berlin Wall stood for 28 years until in a wave of citizen protest forced the East German Communist government to open its gates.

In the spring of there were no signs of extraordinary tensions within the monarchy. Or at least no more than usual. Unfortunately, World War I interfered. The ministry of finance was responsible only for financing the royal household, the diplomatic service, and the common army and navy. It was comprised of the three ministers of the joint responsibilities finance, military, and foreign policy , the two prime ministers, some of the archdukes, and the monarch.

Hungary Austria and Other Passions

Austria-Hungary with all its shortcomings had the necessary ingredients common foreign policy, defense and finances of a functioning state. Despite home rule in Austria, Hungary, and to some extent Croatia, the monarchy functioned quite smoothly for half a century. Whatever its deficiencies, it was still one of the great powers of its day. I have the feeling that we will have a short lull before the storm, so I can wander a bit from politics.

They keep repeating that they are civilians who have nothing to do with politics. How long will it take them to understand that they are wrong? His book on that subject is available in English. Romsics is trying to set things straight at a time when the government is encouraging a re-evaluation of the Horthy regime The institute has a large library and an extensive archive, considered to be a private collection, which the government recently nationalized.

The institute right now is fighting for its survival and for its archives. So, giving a lecture at this particular institute is a kind of political statement, especially from a historian who is not a flaming liberal. It was a time of fantastic economic growth, when everything was just perfect.


But was it? He influenced foreign policy and defense decisions, and the parliament was able to vote on a piece of legislation only if it was approved by the king ahead of time. Another characteristic of the regime was that very few people had the right to vote. During the dualistic period government after government had a two-thirds majority, and it happened only once that such a government was removed by a vote of no-confidence.

This brought about a revolutionary change. Now suddenly their number swelled to 30 in a downsized parliament of One of the first moves of the Horthy regime was to reduce the number of eligible voters. In the larger cities the vote was secret but everywhere else it was again open.

Austria-Hungary - Wikipedia

By introducing a new electoral system the governments of the interwar period had two-thirds majorities and thus their perpetuation was ensured. The system worked without his direct influence. During both the era of dualism and the period between the two world wars, Hungary had an authoritarian political system.

But during the Horthy period even the equal rights of citizens were trampled on by the so-called Jewish laws. Parliament had even less of a role to play than it did in the Horthy regime, in which parliamentary debates at least had a moderating influence on the government. It is true that some of these so-called independents were fellow travelers or even party members, but here and there one could hear speeches in parliament that would have been unimaginable earlier. At the same time the steps the government has taken in the last three years have led to such a concentration of power that we can say that Hungary has started on the road toward an authoritarian political system.

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