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Ho rubato la pioggia by Elisa Ruotolo, , available at Book Publication City/Country Roma, Italy; Language Italian; ISBN10
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North Cape is only km ca. This is the road to the hostel. Stanotte ho dormito profondamente, senza nemmeno una pausa. Il nord ci aspetta. Jaana, voglio quella foto. Poi mi sono messo in marcia, e dopo una sosta da lidl per comprare del cibo soprattuto Riisipiirakat mi sono messo in marcia, consapevole che per 80 km almeno non avrei trovato nulla. Laghi, alberi, silenzio, renne, foreste, qualche casa, la pioggia e, per fortuna, la musica, soprattutto quella dei Pink Floyd sparata nelle orecchie.

Mentre ero fermo a pisciare ho incontrato due motociclisti italiani di Imola — gente molto simpatica che parla con un bellissimo accento — e poi due motociclisti greci! Alla fine, vista anche la scarsa scelta, ho comprato sei lattine di birra Kukko, un pacco di biscotti che mi fanno venire la nostalgia di quelli italiani, un gelato e due banane. Ma per lo meno non ti tocca stare seduto 11 ore su un sellino del cazzo.

Staremo a vedere. My yesterday experience in Couch Surfing has been one of the weirdest in my life: my host is a kind of antisocial teenager; he slept all the afternoon while I was already there, and I had to organize my afternoon by my self. Yes, you got it: in a student dormitory of the University of North Pole, there is a common sauna. When the heat begins to feel uncomfortable it is customary to jump into a lake, sea, or a swimming pool, or to have a shower. In the winter rolling in the snow or even swimming in a hole cut in the ice, an avanto, is sometimes used as a substitute. After one hour of boiling and steaming and swearing, at 9 pm he climbed again his non-communication wall, and he proposed me to go a bit around the city just when I was already thinking to sleep.

Or maybe all of them together. He brought me in the middle of nowhere, near to a kind of Lapland museum — whatever, and, I must admit, the sunset was great. Just a bit of infos about the city, that, with its weirdness, deserves some comments. The funny Germans received orders to destroy all the buildings in Rovaniemi, only excluding hospitals.

While the German rear guard was going about the destruction, an ammunition train in Rovaniemi station exploded and set fire to the wooden houses of the town. So, Rovaniemi could be an anti-fascist city, with communists, punks, bars, concerts and so on. Today I woke up super early because I just wanted to leave this shitty place as soon as possible, and after 20 minutes of riding in the cold, I reached the Arctic polar circle. It has been really exciting, especially for someone who has grown up in the south of the warm and crowded Italy, and really cold, since it was foggy and rainy.

After that, I started to cycle seriously, and after km of absolute nothing, I found finally a fuel station where to buy something to eat and to drink, since the day has become pretty hot. Strange, but the fuel station is a Chinese restaurant too, a supermarket and a souvenirs shop. Then, Jaana arrived, we went to her place and I was able to wear again normal clothes; after that we went to the river to take a bath and then a beer in the cottage bar beside the beach.

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It has been a super nice evening when we talked about the interesting differences between our countries, about the future, past and present, and I discovered that:. While chatting with Jaana, the time had flown and after a slice of pineapple after 2 months of missing-melancholia and a tomato! Io a dormire e lui a guardare sit com vietnamite. Stamattina mi sono svegliato il prima possibile per andarmene da questo posto di merda, e dopo 20 minuti di bici, ho raggiunto ufficialmente il circolo polare artico.

Lasciatemi spendere due parole su Lidl:. Today has been a complicated day. The only sound were the salmons jumping from the water.

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At I woke up again for peeing damned beer and the weather was again beautiful. When I came back from the toilette, the wind started blowing, and the fog came. I felt a bit lonely and lost, I must admit: me, a bicycle, a tent that is a bit bigger than a coffin , the silence and the fog. Unfortunately, I was still sleepy, and that picture is the only one that I could take. At 7 am everything has gone already away, the sun came back, bringing with him a strong wind which is blowing in my direction: a storm is coming, and some scary clouds at the horizon reveal it.

I packed everything as fast as I can, and I left, after the routine breakfast with 1kg of joghurt and dark bread with cheddar flavored American cheese. Hard times here in Finnish supermarkets. If my mother was here…. The road has been more boring than yesterday: the absolute nothingness. I took a big Finnish ice cream, 2 awesome ripened bananas and a Cola. With the same amount of money that I spent I could eat in a 3 stars restaurant in Lituania or eat two falafel sandwiches in Berlin.

When I got back on the road, a black big cloud appeared at the horizon, coming in my direction; yes, it was the storm of the century.


I took some picture to eternalize the first lappish storm of my carreer:. It looked like an atomic bomb that had blown in the sky: a kind of black mushroom, the rain at the horizon, strong wind obviously in my face, since storm are like holes that attract the rest and create new air flows , thunders and this typical smell of natural disaster.

I thought to be still in time to reach my Cser before the apocalypse. Fortunately, after a while, I reached my Vietnamese students dormitory in the exotic Arctic University of Rovaniemi. Crazy weather in Rovaniemi. After 45 minutes of heavy rain, at 9 pm which means like 5 pm in Germany the sun is shining and people are walking around as it has been always summer. I mean, I would like rather to drink beer on a bench in the sun and be antisocial, and this is probably what I will going to do.

Dedicated to all the nerds who are not following me. When I was cycling under the rain, it came in my mind. Under that rain, everything would have been different if we were together.

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Our world is certanly small. As far as I know, the distance between Rovaniemi and Athens is km ca.

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Probably somebody, somewhere, is trying to tell me something. Write in the comments or send a pm, please. Si, nebbia. Tantissima nebbia che mi nascondeva alla vista persino le tende dei miei amici ciclisti. Impacchetto tutto, mi vesto come da copione e poi parto, dopo la solita colazione a base di 1 kg di joghurt e pane nero con sottilette gusto cheddar. Dura la vita nei supermarket finlandesi.

Due villaggi del cazzo in km, un supermarket e tre pompe di benzina. Per il resto ho visto solo tanti cottages, il fiume-lago, gli alberi e le renne. Un nuvolone nero ha cominciato ad appropinquarsi alla mia posizione, configurandosi subito dopo come il temporale del secolo. Sembrava che una bomba nucleare fosse esplosa in cielo: un dannato fungo nero e la pioggia che si vedeva in lontananza, col vento che cambiava, il rumore dei fulmini e via discorrendo.

Some Swedish motherfucker has been really loud today around 5 am, since he was totally drunk too; so at I was awake, obviously coursing and swearing against the entire Viking race.

I Stole the Rain

I slept a bit more, at at 7 am I was completely awake, drinking my red bull and trying to pack everything. While trying to put everything in the bags as it was packed yesterday, I thought that Swedish should be nice persons, metal-heads in the most part, but NOT laud motherfuckers full of hairs gelatin et similia, going out in Oulu in some shitty karaoke bar just to get super drunk. Probably something went wrong on the ferry, during the transport and they had an accidental fusion with some Catalans. The road has been as usual pretty boring: kilometres of middle of nowhere; some villages, a lot of trees, some fuel stations, a couple of supermarkets, and nothing more till Kemi.

Kemi seems to be like Oulu but uglier and my camping site is really in the middle of nowhere. Kemi is a pretty cool mining city, with lots of industrial infrastructures. Near Kemi there is the only chromium mine in Europe, and the city itself was founded by royal decree because of its proximity to a natural harbour. Yes, I admit it. It has been a kind of music pilgrimage in hearth of Finnish power metal,. I drove through whole Kemi region: the river really a big one , the airport, the lake, the commercial center, the other lake, the middle of nowhere, another village, few fuel stations, suburbs, nothing, forest, than another village, a couple of old church, and so on.

It is a Hotel-camping-village-school-wine shop place, with not so many trees but the beautiful river-lake on the side. And everything around is calm and silent. Squirrels are passing by, salmons are jumping in the water and sometime you can hear a train passing by. After the everyday activities tent mounting — unpacking — shower and other stuff , I went to the supermarket to get some food and drinks.

It has been so nice as never in my life. I have never been in so deep silence in my life. Actually, over there, in the middle of nowhere beside the Rovaniementie, I have discovered silence. There is a village nearby, some tourists, some retired Finns, but, generally, everything is empty but warm, sunny, coloured and fascinating. By the way, I discovered that too much silence is dangerous for me, because I started to drink compulsively to avoid the sensation of loneliness coming from this fucking silence. But it was too much for me.

I got high and I came back to the camping 7 km in the Lappish countryside to eat something and to write something usefull. When I arrived there, other cyclists were near to my tent and we spoke a bit, exchanging experiences and thoughts. But what cyclists do the most is to share alcohol.

I got drunk and I went to sleep at , when the sun was still shining and my blog page was still totally empty.

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Tomorrow is time to go to Rovaniemi, the last city before the Polar Circle: easy ride, wind in my direction and Couch-surfing. Greetings from the middle of nowhere, near a blue lake, in Lapland. Stamattina mi sono svegliato super presto. Alcune teste di cazzo svedesi hanno deciso di tornare in campeggio alle 5 di mattina completamente sbronzi, facendo rumore come se fossero nel deserto del Sahara.

Di conseguenza, alle ero completamente sveglio. Un paio di cose a proposito degli svedesi: io pensavo che gli svedesi fossero persone per bene, In gran parte metallari, ma NON rumorose teste di cazzo piene di gelatina per capelli, tatuaggi e roba del genere, venuti ad Oulu per sbronzarsi a merda in un merdoso karaoke bar. Probabilmente qualcosa deve essere andato storto durante il trasporto in traghetto.