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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Richardson delivers the goods in BLOOD MONEY with his Blood Money: A Lucky Dey Thriller - Kindle edition by Doug Richardson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.
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Richardson was born to a career politician and grew up for the most part in the outskirts of Sacramento.

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While Doug went to the USC School for Cinematic Arts looking to become some big time movie director, he soon found out that he loved writing movie scripts even better. After graduating from USC, Richardson went on to direct several educational films though he always wanted to go into Hollywood.

Blood Money

He submitted his screenplays to several production houses and impressed Warner Brothers, who gave him a two-year deal. He loved movies and was always sneaking away from home and school to go to the local mall theaters to watch anything new. It was a time when there were no video or DVDs, and hence the theater was everything there was to it. Over time, he knew he wanted to be a movie maker, and hence went to the USC School, where he studied with the likes of George Lucas.

Many of the directors that he draw inspiration from had once been writers, and so he believed that the best way to get into directing would be to become a writer.

Blood Money: A Lucky Dey Thriller by Doug Richardson

In time, he found the writing so much fun and the directing not as romantic or as sensual as he once thought it was. Unlike many other writers, he never had that Eureka moment that he knew that he was born to be or wanted to be a writer. It never did happen all at once though his sixth grade teacher believed that he would one day make a great author. Eventually he found movies to be very limiting and sought to expand his horizons from sound and sight to the more elastic traditional novel writing.

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While he has had a lot of success writing movie screenplays, it is writing which he says gives him the greatest reward and satisfaction. Lucky Dey provides an insightful look into the darkness of the hero and the instability and brutality of the criminal mind. As he often does whether it be on movies or on novels, Doug takes his readers into a world full of suspense and tension as they navigate a sinister Los Angeles landscape.

In addition to his writing in print and on screen, Richardson also has a blog at dougrichardson. The marine has a plan to steal a refrigerated tractor trailer and drive it to Long Beach Nevada, where he will earn a million dollars from a willing buyer. But sometimes even the simplest of plans can go wrong as he turns into an idiot on the way south leaving behind a smidgen of dead bodies. Lucky is now on the trail of the marine gone rogue, as he drives his huge semi into the city.

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But it is not only his brother he needs to avenge. He also has to deal with a multimillionaire entertainment bigwig that needs him to exact justice on behalf of his murdered daughter.

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Llily Zoller a federal attorney with high ambitions is determined to milk the situation as much as she can. Meanwhile, Rey Palomino a corrupt contractor has teamed up with the marine in hopes that they can split the loot which will make it possible for him to clear his massive debts.

Throw in a beautiful detective, a couple of gang buster sheriffs and their deputies, some unwitting feds, and a detective determined to avenge his brother and we have an unpredictable and explosive thrill of a narrative.

Dey certainly has his demons, and he comes into each new adventure with the weight of past experiences on his shoulders. Now is a perfect time for newcomers to jump into the Dey series. While many authors are kept at a distance from the audio versions of their novels, Richardson worked closely with DeKay to nail his books, and it shows.

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DeKay gives an extra level of nuance to the noir thrillers. Richardson initially used a service allowing him to pick and choose available narrators, but he became disappointed by the process. He then wrote his friend DeKay, someone he thought was perfect for the job but too expensive to hire.

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The two then met and found themselves playing around with the idea of DeKay as narrator. The actor would record chapters in front of Richardson, the two would chat about the story and characters and then DeKay would rerecord. Rinse and repeat.