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bleed-through (countable and uncountable, plural bleed-throughs). The seepage of ink from one side of a printed page to the other; The discolouration of a.
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Click here to Pin this post for later. Since this shellac based primer goes on and dries white it also allows you to see if the stain is blocked or if you will need another coat.

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Find this project and full tutorial here: Painting Furniture White. But the second coat does the job! This Drexel dresser farmhouse white makeover almost got me. But I knew better and added two coats of Bin primer before even starting to paint.

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Find this full project and tutorial here: Farmhouse White Painted Furniture. Some projects have tannins that may bleed through where others could be something else. On this vintage cupboard , the wood has been soaking up grease and grime in a kitchen for many years. Even after a thorough sanding a cleaning I played it safe with primer to lock in any more possible stains from bleeding through the paint. Find this full project and tutorial here: Shabby Chic Cupboard Makeover.

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Here is another mahogany dresser project that got a coat of primer before its metallic glaze makeover. If you are unsure of how to apply primer to your project, there are a few ways. You can apply your primer with a roller, paintbrush or chip brush depending on the surface that you are working with. I tend to use a roller on flat surfaces like this one, but a chip brush if the furniture has crevices and details. Find this full project and tutorial her: Metallic Glaze Painted Furniture.

Bin primer even comes in a spray can for those smaller projects. The spray is great for something like a painted mirror frame, which is what I used it for here on this Liquid Gold Leaf Painted Mirror. Sign In. Access provided by: anon Sign Out.

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Degraded Document Bleed-Through Removal Abstract: This paper presents a Bayesian approach for bleed-through reduction in degraded document images based on a simple linear degradation model. A variation of ICM optimisation is used whereby samples are drawn for the bleed-through reduced images, whilst the remaining variables are estimated via the mode of their conditional probabilities.

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But some experiments like FluorescenceResonanceEnergyTransfer require simultaneous acquisition of signal from all the present dyes, with possible risk of crosstalk. This can in principle be corrected during the Image Restoration if properly calibrated.

The following animation shows a varying crosstalk factor of the red signal entering the green detector in a Two Channel image. The sample is composed of two non-overlapping objects dyed in red and green. The higher the crosstalk factor, the more yellowish the red object looks, because its signal is recorded not only in the red channel but also in the green one.